Our Directors

Our Directors have all had leadership roles within the life sciences sector. Whilst they have different areas of expertise, what unites them most of all is that they genuinely love what they do. With a desire to create positive change and the drive do things differently they’re well positioned to keep The Game Changer Collective and our clients ahead of the game…

  • Strategist
  • Play Maker

Helen BessellClient Experience Director

Our Client Experience Director leads with her strategic energy. Working with teams across the life sciences sector, Helen focuses on understanding the specific people and performance goals for individuals, teams, and organisations. Aligning our innovative and inspiring programmes to the business need, Helen brings energy and clarity to creating a Strategic Development Partnership where every intervention is outcome driven, solution focused and future fit.

Recognised for her enthusiasm and passion for building relationships, Helen’s Play Maker energy manifests in her ability to understand and connect with others. Adept at conscious communication, creative collaboration, Helen cultivates and nurtures an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, motivated, and has a sense of belonging.

  • Strategist
  • Game Changer

Polly ApplebyClient Solutions Director

Our Client Solutions Director leans into her strategic energy to support the planning and developing of strategies to support the execution of programmes. She co-creates programmes that are designed to deliver against commercial, people and performance priorities. Polly’s Game Changer energy gives The Game Changer Collective that competitive edge. Transformative in her approach, she helps us offer something very different to the life sciences sector.

  • Game Changer
  • Polisher

Lucy TurnerChief Purpose Officer

Our Chief Purpose Officer leads with her Game Changer energy, constantly driving transformation and innovation. Recognised as a successful entrepreneur she challenges clients across the life sciences sector to explore new ideas and ways of doing things, aligning purpose with overall business objectives. As a Polisher, her drive to make things better supports The Game Changer Collective and our clients in taking solutions and developing them to the point of perfection and excellence, maximising their potential. Lucy is Chair of the EMIG Special Interest Group – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. She is committed to driving the three pillars of connecting, educating and showcasing great work in this space, ultimately impacting a more diverse and inclusive healthcare industry.

Our Collective Consultants

We have an amazing team of Collective Consultants, the perfect mix of experienced and multilingual coaches, consultants and facilitators across the globe. They are all are energised to help individuals, teams and organisations thrive.

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